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i.Comp is an innovation of the highest quality for small manufacturing enterprises from Kaeser Kompressoren. This reciprocating compressor always produces the required volume of compressed air.
Reliable, high-performance, compact, convenient to use, unpretentious to maintain, efficient – these are not all the distinguishing features of the new i.Comp portable piston compressor with smooth speed control, 100% made in Germany with the KAESER quality mark.
The compressor is designed for continuous production and thanks to the engine with an adjustable rotational speed is characterized by high efficiency. No need for receiver layout. Even with a cable length of up to 150 meters, the installation produces compressed air with a constant pressure of up to 11 bar. The well-proven Kaeser control unit allows you to set the necessary pressure and smooth speed control.
i.Comp is an oil-free compressor, which means there is no likelihood of oil entering compressed air and condensate – as a result, there is no costly disposal and environmental concerns. In addition, there is no need to replace and control the oil, on the one hand, this reduces the cost of maintenance work, and on the other hand increases the service life of the compressor.
Thanks to the ergonomic layout, i.Comp can be easily transported and transported. All components are securely protected under a rotary-molded casing of high strength polyethylene.
i.Comp is a “station wagon” for any area where compressed air is needed: joinery, car repair shops and many other areas.
Innovative drive – pure efficiency
Inconspicuous from the outside, the innovation lies inside the variable-speed rotary screw compressor, more precisely in the drive system. In close cooperation with Siemens, a brand new synchronous reluctance motor was developed and integrated into the system. This delivers significantly improved efficiency, especially in the partial load range.
The reluctance motor and frequency converter are perfectly matched with one another and form the high-efficiency drive system of the new generation of ASD series compressors. This new system combines only the very best of both synchronous and asynchronous motors: Precision controllability combined with durability and service friendliness.
Keep up the pressure
Rotary screw compressors supply production processes in industry, trade and workshop applications with a reliable supply of quality compressed air. They are the preferred choice for users requiring constant pressure over prolonged periods.
To ensure that our rotary screw compressors operate as efficiently as possible, we developed our own special rotor profile. Our SIGMA profile rotors provide you with energy savings of up to 15 % compared with conventional rotor profile designs.
Furthermore, our airends with SIGMA profile rotors boast an exceptionally long service life. This is in no small part due to the roller bearings we choose to use: they are precision adjusted and generously sized. Combine this with our in-house high-end manufacturing processes with lowest possible manufacturing tolerances and you have an exceptional product.


Quiet powerhouses – from vacuum to low-pressure operation
Low-maintenance Kaeser blowers deliver pressurised air quietly and efficiently for a wide range of applications:
for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials
in water management – for example for aeration of sedimentation tanks and filter flushing
for the production of blowing and cooling air for industrial purposes
in mobile applications – e.g. mixing, tanker and suction vehicles
We provide two different concepts to meet your requirements:
Rotary lobe blowers with our efficient, three-lobe OMEGA rotors to minimise pulsation effects
Rotary screw blowers with the energy-saving SIGMA profile – designed by KAESER for optimal pressure and output.


Direct dependence of engine operation on oil purity
The emergence of more advanced engines with high performance and new standards for emissions of pollutants significantly influenced the development of the production of oils and oil filters. The continuous development of more and more complex engines by industry constantly requires the creation of new types of oils.These new types of oil play a vital role in protecting engines, reducing friction and wear, cooling engine parts, compacting combustion chambers, cleaning engine components and delaying corrosion. In addition, oil filters play a pivotal role in protecting the engine by cleaning the oil from harmful impurities.Oil filters trap oil contaminants due to two mechanisms: Some solids adhere to the filter material as the oil flows through the filter. These particles are fixed on the surface of the filter material, without clogging its pores.
Other particles are stuck in the filter material under the pressure of oil flowing through the filter.


Direct dependence of engine operation on air cleanliness
Efficient combustion of fuel in a modern diesel engine requires several thousand times more air than fuel. Under normal operating conditions, 15,000 liters of air must be cleaned to burn one liter of fuel. When installing a turbocharger, the engine’s air demand increases by twenty percent or more.
Careful air filtration is important because even a small amount of dirt can cause serious engine damage. The purpose of the air filter is to extend the life of the system, due to the fact that pollutants that can cause damage are not allowed into vulnerable engine components.
To increase the dust holding capacity and air consumption, Baldwin Filters uses two tried-and-tested methods of channelization and achieving the stability of corrugated filter elements.
PermaPleat® technology is a corrugation process in which separating elements are formed between the folds to prevent the corrugation from sticking together and to maintain an even distribution of air flow.
Fastening roller – a continuous glue roller, applied along the periphery of the metal filter sheath (internal or external) and fixing the position and preventing movement of the corrugation folds. Direct dependence of engine operation on air purity
Efficient combustion of fuel in a modern diesel engine requires several thousand times more air than fuel. Under normal operating conditions, 15,000 liters of air must be cleaned to burn one liter of fuel. When installing a turbocharger, the engine’s air demand increases by twenty percent or more.
Careful air filtration is important because even a small amount of dirt can cause serious engine damage. The purpose of the air filter is to extend the life of the system, due to the fact that pollutants that can cause damage are not allowed into vulnerable engine components.
To increase the dust holding capacity and air consumption, Baldwin Filters uses two tried-and-tested methods of channelization and achieving the stability of corrugated filter elements.
PermaPleat® technology is a corrugation process in which separating elements are formed between the folds to prevent the corrugation from sticking together and to maintain an even distribution of air flow.
Fastening roller – a continuous glue roller, applied along the periphery of the metal filter sheath (internal or external) and fixing the position and preventing movement of the corrugation folds. Direct dependence of engine operation on air purity
Efficient combustion of fuel in a modern diesel engine requires several thousand times more air than fuel. Under normal operating conditions, 15,000 liters of air must be cleaned to burn one liter of fuel. When installing a turbocharger, the engine’s air demand increases by twenty percent or more.
Careful air filtration is important because even a small amount of dirt can cause serious engine damage. The purpose of the air filter is to extend the life of the system, due to the fact that pollutants that can cause damage are not allowed into vulnerable engine components.
To increase the dust holding capacity and air consumption, Baldwin Filters uses two tried-and-tested methods of channelization and achieving the stability of corrugated filter elements.
PermaPleat® technology is a corrugation process in which separating elements are formed between the folds to prevent the corrugation from sticking together and to maintain an even distribution of air flow.
Fastening roller – a continuous glue roller, applied along the periphery of the metal filter sheath (internal or external) and fixing the position and preventing movement of the corrugation folds.



We present a novelty that has opened a new page in the history of SUPROTEC, its own line of automotive oils “SUPROTEC Atomium”: the Russian idea, which was based on innovative tribological solutions, was embodied in Germany at the plant “ROWE Mineralölwerk GmbH “.
The formula of oil is optimized for Russian conditions of operation and is based on the innovative tribotechnical solutions of SUPROTEC. SUPROTEC Atomium synthetic engine and gear oils have absorbed the fifteen years’ experience of SUPROTEC technologists in creating tribosystems that prolong vehicle life. In this film, the path of SUPROTEC Atomium oils from the idea to the buyer is shown in detail and clearly.


We present a novelty that has opened a new page in the history of SUPROTEC, its own line of automotive oils “SUPROTEC Atomium”: the Russian idea, which was based on innovative tribological solutions, was embodied in Germany at the plant “ROWE Mineralölwerk GmbH “.
The formula of oil is optimized for Russian conditions of operation and is based on the innovative tribotechnical solutions of SUPROTEC. SUPROTEC Atomium synthetic engine and gear oils have absorbed the fifteen years’ experience of SUPROTEC technologists in creating tribosystems that prolong vehicle life. In this film, the path of SUPROTEC Atomium oils from the idea to the buyer is shown in detail and clearly.



The industry standard for powersports vehicles and small industrial batteries in the US and globally for over 30 years. The reason is simple, premium quality, unmatched reliability, long life and advanced engineering with years of application expertise. This is at the heart of what we are doing here in Reading, PA since 1979.
Yuasa supplies batteries to more OEM’s than all our competitors combined in the US and globally. The reason is simple, premium quality, unmatched reliability, long life and advanced engineering with years of application expertise.
AGM Batteries
Yuasa’s elite performer, the AGM series, has more cranking amps and higher amp hour capacity for years of trustworthy service.
Conventional Batteries
Engineered to protect against corrosion, withstand vibration and deliver more cranking power to your motorcycle or riding mower.
Have complete peace of mind by keeping powered with the most reliable industrial batteries. The culmination of over seven decades of battery manufacturing experience, Yuasa’s NP Industrial Batteries are the ideal power source for electronic applications in an industrial setting. Keep your place of business powered and secure — explore the very best commercial batteries in the market.
Sealed leak proof construction
Excellent performance in either float or cyclic applications
Rechargeable, lead acid battery


MANN-FILTER product range

Any use. Any vehicle. Anytime.
What we do, we do right. The best proof of this is the diverse product range of MANN-FILTER: With our innovative air, oil, fuel and cabin filters, we offer a full range of filters for all modern types of engines and mechanisms including an impressive maintenance program.
However, our know-how and variety of products and services go far beyond the scope of automotive vehicles: we also set global standards in the field of industrial filters and special-purpose equipment.
Delivering products that meet the most demanding requirements of car manufacturers, MANN-FILTER sets itself a level unprecedented for the aftermarket of spare parts for car maintenance. Discover the fascinating world of MANN-FILTER products – of course, with the quality of original equipment.

Air filters MANN-FILTER

Fresh air. Maximum reliability.
To achieve optimal performance, internal combustion engines need fresh air intake. Contaminations are very dangerous for the functioning of the engine: if contaminants in the air, such as soot or dust, enter the combustion chamber, they start abrasive wear to the walls of the cylinder block, causing premature engine wear. The functioning of electronic sensors and mechanisms located between the air filter and the combustion chamber can also be significantly impaired with insufficient air filtration.
Air filters MANN-FILTER become a reliable barrier to all particles of pollution. Regardless of whether it is dust, pollen, sand, soot or even water droplets, thanks to the high degree of separation of contaminants and high mechanical stability, MANN-FILTER air filters separate even the smallest particles from the incoming air. This allows you to choose the ratio of components of the combustible mixture and ensures stable engine operation.
In order to ensure performance, air filters should be regularly checked, as a blocked filter will impede the flow of air to the engine. Possible consequences of this: the fuel may not burn completely and part of the fuel may be discarded without use. Here is another distinguishing feature of the MANN-FILTER air filters: high dust removal capacity ensures reliability over the entire service life.

MANN-FILTER oil filters

Performance and reduced consumption: in order to meet the high demands placed on modern engines, car manufacturers need the highest level of performance of the engine components used. Here, the oil circuit plays a crucial role, since only clean engine oil can continuously provide constant engine power. If the circulating oil is not constantly cleaned of impurities and residual products of combustion, wear protection is no longer guaranteed. In the worst case, it can even damage the engine.
If you want to protect yourself when choosing an oil filter, select MANN-FILTER. They are designed for modern high-performance oils and can not fail even to the most responsible technical tasks. As the fields of application of oil filters and their requirements vary, MANN-FILTER oil filters exist in various designs.



Every day our filters and our filter
elements efficiently satisfy the filtration requirements of countless
applications all over the world.
Wherever a hydraulic or lubrication system is operating, on fixed
or mobile applications, FILTREC
filters and filter elements ensure
the correct oil cleanliness to maintain the system’s efficiency and
Wherever industrial fluids or process filtration is required, FILTREC
filters and filter elements effectively solve the most varied of


The FILTREC “CROSS NAVIGATOR” database has been specifically developed to easily find our part number corresponding to other filter manufacturers codes.
Each element is carefully designed to ensure full dimensional compatibility and meet or exceed the filtration performance of
the original.
We produce a huge range of quality filter elements to replace the majority of filter brands. All testing is performed in our laboratory strictly following the latest ISO specifications.


Our range of filter assemblies covers suction, pressure and return applications, to effectively solve contamination control
requirements of hydraulic systems, is continuously growing and evolving.
Our technicians are available to develop custom tailored solutions, side by side with our customers, to meet their unique requirements.
The performance of our assemblies is validated by vigorous laboratory tests performed according to the most recent ISO specifications.


A range of standard models satisfies the most common filtration requirements for lubrication systems, fuel transfer and industrial water treatment. This standard range includes simplex, duplex and backwashing filters.
Our experienced engineers can support our customers needs developing bespoke solutions for a number of various filtration applications, such as oil, gas, process and coalescent filtration.


As a global automobile manufacturer you demand higher quality standards from your suppliers – and Dayco is committed to building strong relationships to collaborate on product development to design and provide products to meet these quality standards. Dayco has invested to keep our manufacturing facilities among the best in the world, and our extensive knowledge of drive systems allows us to develop the innovative products and solutions that are vital to peak engine performance.
With more than 50 locations in 20 countries, Dayco continues to take the steps necessary to globalize our operations in order to provide a seamless service experience, from manufacturing to delivery to technical support. With an instinct for pushing the boundaries of endurance and on the strength of more than 110 years of experience, our essential engine products and drive system solutions improve how the world moves, delivering engine economy, efficiency and exceptional performance while minimizing noise, vibration and harshness.

Accessory Drive Belts

Since launching the first accessory drive belt application in the 1970s, Dayco has been a leader in belt technology and continues to develop highly engineered belts for a wide range of accessory drive designs and applications. Utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies, Dayco’s flexible design and manufacturing strategy matches materials to specific application needs.
Dayco’s material database is constantly evolving, enabling coverage across all market segments no matter the application, environment or performance requirements. Dayco uses the latest advanced engineering technologies, such as molded belts, EPDM compounds and aramid reinforcement, all of which result in a longer lasting, cooler running belt with less slippage and reduced noise and vibration.

Accessory Drive Tensioners

Dayco provides a full line of highly durable and highly efficient tensioners that match the required application’s performance requirements. These belt tensioners, in combination with our belts, dampers, decouplers and other components, work in concert at the system level to reduce vibration and friction losses ensuring optimal efficiency is achieved.
Dayco tensioners feature the original flat-wire spring design, engineered to provide more operating range and less tension variation. This innovative design reduces the risk of premature accessory bearing failure due to high tension and lessens the risk of belt noise, slippage and poor accessory performance caused by low tension as the belt begins to stretch and wear. Dayco also manufactures a variety of round spring tensioners depending on application requirements.



Our factory, which was established in 2000, continues its production with a capacity of 80.000 tons / year on an area of ​​27.000 m2 on Kütahya-Tavşanlı ring road, and our factory is located in Kütahya 2. OSB on an area of ​​83.000 m2. / year will be with the No. Lubricant Blending and Filling Plant Manufacturing Plant in Turkey continues its way to become somebody.
OKSELLO as we have demonstrated our performance in Turkey, we also successfully maintains abroad and Overseas Market Share more with each passing day, we continue to increase. The positive developments we have taken in the domestic market have enabled us to continue our way more confidently.
Since its establishment, our company has always targeted success and in order to achieve this, ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Assurance System certificate was obtained in 2003 to ensure quality in production, marketing and personnel management.
At the same time, as a result of the value we have given to the environment and people, the systems foreseen by ISO 18001: 1999 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management Systems standards have been established and these studies have been documented and the success has been ensured to continue with safe steps. The ISO / TS 16949 Automotive Management System was established and aimed to keep the pulse of the automotive sector, which constitutes a large percentage of our customer potential.
In our laboratories equipped with modern devices, our R & D activities are carried out with great care by experienced people. In 2007, our company laboratory has proved its quality and reliability in its analyzes conducted as accredited with TS EN / ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation Certificate. Özçınarlar R & D with technology to be a priority and environmentally sensitive patented to develop original products.
We would like to state that we are very ambitious about quality and we are always open to all our customers who want to see our works closely.


It sees quality as the future and assurance of our companies, employees and families within the framework of a Continuous Development in, not the level we have reached today;
Our employees to be happy and sharing to ensure their development,
To fulfill the wishes and expectations of our customers in cooperation with our suppliers,
To give as little damage to the environment as possible in our production activities,
To take necessary and adequate measures for occupational health and safety issues
We are committed to …
We Supply Our Products to the World Ürün
Özçınarlar products are exported to nearly 46 countries under various brands.
Export countries include: Albania, Greece, Algeria, Angola, Estonia, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ghana, Gambia, Gabon, Senegal, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Sudan, Morocco, India, Cyprus, Israel, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Nambiia, Turkmenistan, Zambia, Yemen, UAE, Moldova, Liberia, Latvia


Özcınarlar Kim. Single. R & D Trade. Singing. Ltd. STI. The laboratory is structured to be the center of scientific researches and measurements that meet the national / international criteria with its independent staff, modern equipment and expert staff with researcher structure.
In compliance with the requirements of the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 esas2005 standard and in accordance with the principles of the laws and standards; Our company is committed to the principles of reliability, traceability, confidentiality and continuous improvement.


Serving Your Industry

For many decades, the Wittig and Gieffe Systems teams have been highly competent and globally respected suppliers of technologically advanced solutions designed to meet specific customer needs. We supply compressors and vacuum pumps for a wide range of applications. Our technologies include
Liquid ring vacuum pumps
Dry and oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors
Screw vacuum pumps
Claw vacuum pumps and compressors

Industry Applications

Wittig supply oil lubricated and dry running rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors as well as complete systems for a wide range of centralized vacuum systems.Typical applications are
Handling and holding
Vacuum to draw off gases
Vacuum for various processing steps such as soldering/brazing
Evacuation of containers
Wittig series WPSO vacuum pumps offer the world’s most durable and efficient solution to vacuum generation in the bottle glass industry. The WPSO series has by far the lowest life cycle costs for glass plants.

Cement Industry / Conveying / Handling

The glass industry requires large amounts of compressed air to manufacture hollow glass. Above all, the machines and components used to do this must be reliable and of high quality. In round-the-clock operation, rotary vane compressors offer the optimal solution for this industry.

Glass Industry

Materials handling and conveying are key concerns in the cement industry. Here it is the compressor’s job to produce compressed air for conveying bulk material (cement) from one location to another, for example from an incoming truck or rail car to some other container (such as a silo).
The key features that our customers look for are short start-up times, high operating reliability, constant minimum reserve oil levels and top energy efficiency.


To ensure that the operation of roadheaders in underground coal mining does not need to be interrupted repeatedly so that compressed air lines can be extended as necessary, Wittig developed a compressor that is specifically approved for underground mining work. The compressor is installed directly behind the roadheader in the power train.
The design complies with ATEX zone M2.

Gas Applications

Hydrogen Compression
High purity hydrogen (99.99 %) is used in many industrial processes. This hydrogen is transported safely and very efficiently sing Wittig rotary vane compressors at up to 11 bar (abs.). The strict ATEX requirements IIC gas are met without difficulty by their intrinsically safe design.
The compression of highly toxic gases requires special solutions. We manufacture customer-specific systems for these applications based on our long and extensive experience. The focus is on high safety and simplicity of operation. The special sealing systems used in our RO compressors meet the specific requirements of our customers.
Compression of Flare Gas in Refineries
As a standard practice at Wittig, a team of experts checks and analyzes whether it is possible to compress flare gases and higher molecular weight hydrocarbon gases (also mixed), and how high the compression can be. If it is technically feasible we provide extremely durable, low maintenance rotary vane compressors.
Compression of Coke Oven and Blast Furnace Gas
Coke oven gas and blast furnace gas are often used to fire lime kilns. RVA fresh oil-lubricated compressors have been used with great success in this application for decades. Wittig has developed a smart bypass control system to ensure that the supply of combustion energy remains constant, even if the gas composition fluctuates.
Synthesis Gases
Synthesis gases are gaseous mixtures that mainly consist of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen. When it comes to selecting the right compressor, we can draw on years of experience in the area. Because of their cost efficiency, our rugged RO circulating oil-lubricated rotary vane compressors are ideal for this application, particularly for low pressure applications.
Wellhead Compression
Wellhead compression is the compression of gases deposited in the earth directly at the wellhead. The unique problem with this application is that the suction-side conditions, for example the inlet pressure and volumetric flow, change during operation. Our circulating oil-lubricated compressors (rotary vane pump type RO) are the optimal machines for compressing gases when inlet pressures and volumetric flows are changing due to the nature of the process. Our customers are particularly interested in the ratio of costs (operating costs associated with compressors) to gas yield (efficiency).
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
Volatile organic compounds are referred to as VOCs.They occur when producing, storing or loading and unloading crude oil. Our RO and RVA gas compressors are used to to compress these gases.Highly complex multiple technical and legal specifications, norms and laws must be met, especially when the installation is offshore – a challenge for both manufacturer and operator.
Boil-Off Gases (BOG)
Liquid Natural Gas produces vapors when stored, loaded and unloaded. For safety reasons they must be compressed. The Wittig RO compressors have been used here  for some time now and have proven their reliability. Multiple technical and legal norms and specifications especially for offshore and marine applications are challenging for manufacturer and operator. Cruise ships and tankers are typical examples.



Do you grow crops? Manitou offers solutions to the most demanding grain producers. Over the years, we have been developing highly profitable grain transportation solutions. Contact us and familiarize yourself with the full range of solutions we can offer you to speed up the harvesting process, simplify grain storage and efficiently transport the fruits of your labor.
Whether compact telescopic or heavy duty loaders, large capacity buckets or hooks for transporting soft containers, we have a full range of solutions for every need.
Cattle breeding
The livestock breeder profession is full of difficulties. We have taken this into account and know that you need a properly working vehicle every day. We have been delivering transportation solutions for over 60 years, and thanks to our experience, we know that performance, agility, simplicity, reliability, fuel economy, versatility and comfort are in the first place in your profession.
With a wide range of telehandlers and attachments, such as grabs, forks, grabs and buckets, Manitou offers you solutions that meet your needs.
Diversified economy
Diversified farming is a type of agricultural activity that, obviously, requires multifunctionality. We understood this by listening to you and observing your work, and eventually we developed solutions that allow you to transcend yourself and easily accomplish any tasks.
Sometimes it happens that in one day you need to clear the stall, feed the cattle, carry bales, prepare silage, dig a pond and drive the calf from pasture. The Manitou production machine will become for you a “Swiss knife” for your farm, thanks to a wide range of attachments.
Vegetable growing
Vegetable growing is an activity that requires the use of compact and multifunctional loading and unloading equipment, which does not damage the alleys. We have a full range of solutions that meet your needs: from telescopic loaders for large farms to mast loaders for gardening farms with narrow alleys.
Contact us to explain your needs and find out how one machine can perform tasks that you did not even have an idea. Thanks to the Manitou production technique, harvesting, loading and unloading boxes, pallets or cultivated areas will become easier, and you will increase your productivity.
As a rule, various plant species are grown in nurseries. Whether plants that require careful handling, or arrays, Manitou offers equipment for transporting pallets and trees in pots, as well as simply for trimming, digging ponds, transporting equipment, or deploying a grid above the ground.
Find out how our solutions can simplify your workdays and let you spend more time on what you prefer: plants, customers, your business.
Domestic bird
Do you breed poultry? Manitou has taken into account the specifics of your profession and offers several options for fully tailored solutions. Whether you need to build, maintain or clean poultry farms or silos, install pens, transport prefabricated structures, feed animals or load and unload trucks, we will certainly have a solution that will increase your productivity.
Contact us and get information about our compact telescopic loaders, telescopic or mast loaders on the automobile chassis and attached equipment that will “wing” your enterprise with success.
Equestrian centers
Are you in charge of equestrian center and security? Then productivity, compactness and versatility are crucial for you. Our equipment enhances your autonomy to perform a number of tasks in complete safety, such as building and maintaining arenas and stables.
Attachments, adapted to your profession, allow you, with just one machine, to perform the most different work and in different pens, eliminating the need to make useless trips back and forth. Finally, due to its compactness, some models can work inside buildings, even old ones, to clean the stables and feed the horses.
Harvesting or volume bottled products is of great importance to you. You need precise and flexible technology to transport them.
Whatever you need to transport – pallets with wine boxes, cardboard boxes with a crane, barriques or barrels, Manitou offers a wide range of solutions for transporting open or closed pallets at all stages of production, from the harvest to the loading of the grapes. Contact us and find out how our solutions can help you in your profession.


Stone work
Masons, you work in difficult conditions: weather, dust, deadlines for implementation … We also know that safety and small size are often key to proper construction work. With the help of Manitou equipment, adapted for stone work, you will be able to lift any type of cargo to any height and move it in complete safety.
Thanks to the ease of operation, operators can quickly get to work. Compact size and maneuverability of telescopic loaders, telescopic loaders with a rotary tower and lifts increase the efficiency of work on limited construction sites or in the city. Our equipment has a high cross; high ground clearance and drive wheels allow you to maneuver in remote areas and overcome significant obstacles.
Are you a professional roofer and are looking for equipment that matches the level of your specialty? Manitou has taken into account your needs and offers a number of solutions: elevators, telescopic loaders with a lifting platform or telescopic loaders with a swinging tower.
Whether it is a roof repair or a new roofing project, we have solutions that you can use to install tiles, slate, steel sheets, or slate tiles. Our machines can accommodate one or more roofers and more or less cargo depending on its characteristics, displacement and working height. Contact us and familiarize yourself with all the solutions that allow you to work in complete safety under all conditions.
Are you a specialist in construction and specialize in metal support structures? Do you give priority to flexibility, accuracy, safety and overall dimensions of the equipment? Manitou meets all these requirements by offering a wide range of telescopic handlers, pivoting telescopic handlers and specialized attachments, such as consoles, winches or baskets.
Options such as radio controls or camcorders on the boom head are valuable advantages for improving accuracy and reducing risk. Contact us and tell us about your future projects.
The profession of demolition requires high accuracy and high power. Our production equipment makes it possible to handle heavy or non-separable components and transport them on uneven ground. It also allows you to remove massive debris from the rubble thanks to several steering modes: 2 or 4 steering wheels or a crab course.
A variety of attachments: grabs, hooks, buckets and winches provide multifunctionality of equipment and increase productivity due to the ability to change attachments, without changing the machine, on the same construction site.
Specialists in plating and insulation, our Manitou equipment is for you! Whether it be small buildings or large warehouses, our elevators, telescopic loaders or telescopic loaders with a swivel tower allow you to install and fix steel sheets in complete safety, without the need to move equipment from place to place.
If you need to work in hard-to-reach or limited places, our models are ideal because of their compactness, and various steering modes allow you to deftly overcome obstacles on any type of soil. Contact us and together we will select all the necessary equipment that will increase your productivity.
Experts in the restoration of monuments or specialists in the repair of residential buildings, our equipment will allow you to carry out work at any height from the outside of buildings and structures, for example, on walls and roofs.
When using rotary telescopic handlers or articulated lifts, you no longer need to move the machine to change jobs, since the boom and turn-around functions of the basket allow you to cover a large working area. Some models have fairly compact dimensions for indoor use. Contact us and explain your needs, so that together we can find the equipment that will satisfy most of the needs of your area of ​​activity.
The tunnels
The specific features of laying tunnels involve the use of highly reliable technology, which has high impact resistance, the ability to work in dusty conditions and in extreme working conditions. The range of solutions Manitou company takes into account the limitations associated with the management of logistics platforms, construction and the creation of infrastructures (installation circle, frames and ventilation systems). Multipurpose off-road equipment optimizes your fleet, observing safety requirements.
Contact our tunneling experts to find out how our solutions can increase your productivity.


Mines and quarries
Manitou, your long-term partner in open pit and underground mining. From construction to bringing the facility into working condition, we have reliable, efficient and productive solutions. Multipurpose off-road equipment allows you to save time when performing a variety of jobs (loading and unloading tires, jacks, etc.) in complete safety for increased productivity.
Contact our team of experts and get acquainted with all the tasks that our equipment can perform in the field or to provide technical support.
Oil and gas industry
With a network of 1,400 dealer organizations in more than 120 countries, Manitou understood the essence of your security, performance and service issues. Our handling solutions are widely known for their reliability and efficiency. They meet your needs throughout the implementation of your projects: the construction of industrial sites, support in the performance of work and maintenance of equipment.
Explain your tasks and difficulties to us, and together we will find solutions that will help you successfully complete your projects. Contact our experts right now.
Supply and transportation
Manitou has a wide range of solutions to meet your needs: transport mast loaders or off-road loaders, telescopic and articulated loaders, stackers, pallet loaders, industrial tractors, order pickers and other equipment.
We also offer attachments that complement the versatility of your equipment, and services that will simplify your life. If you are an expert in electronic commerce, responsible for organizing supplies, or managing a loading and unloading hub with an area of ​​more than 10,000 m2, we will have solutions that meet all your needs and budgets. Contact us and get acquainted with the full range of equipment that will increase your productivity.
From construction to maintenance of railway lines: our solutions accompany you in complete safety. Preparation and construction, storage of materials, loading of containers, lifting of people … Our multi-functional telescopic loaders with a rotary tower and lifts meet the conditions of work on railway tracks. They simplify your daily work and save time for operations.
Contact our experts in railway solutions and find out how our products can provide you with the flexibility and speed you need.
Manitou provides armies around the world with loading and unloading solutions that meet the specific needs of logistics, aeronautical services, construction and maintenance, as well as storage and warehousing. For more than 30 years and thanks to a network of 1,400 dealer organizations located in more than 120 countries, Manitou has been helping to keep your equipment in good working order.
Contact our military experts and find out how our solutions help you maintain combat readiness.


Parker is committed to partnering with world class suppliers.

With an annual spend exceeding $6 billion, Parker is supplying the world with precision-engineered solutions for commercial, mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. Parker partners with suppliers who share the beliefs of premier customer service, maintaining the highest quality standards, on-time delivery and a culture of continuous improvement and views suppliers as partners who will help Parker remain competitive in the marketplace and help achieve growth objectives. Key criteria for Parker suppliers are their ability to meet foundational business requirements in technology, quality, lead-time, delivery quantity, price and continuous improvement.

The Global Leader in Motion and Control Technologies

Parker’s engineering expertise spans the core motion and control technologies – Aerospace, Climate Control, Electromechanical, Filtration, Fluid & Gas Handling, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Process Control and Sealing & Shielding.
GlobalCore Hydraulic Hoses Deliver Unprecedented Value
Designed to meet the most common working pressures in industry, the new Parker GlobalCore™ line of hydraulic hoses stands above the competition and serves customers around the world with a simple family of constant working pressure hoses. GlobalCore hoses are manufactured in the major regions of the world – North America, Europe and Asia – supporting the equipment they serve, regardless of where it was originally manufactured, or where it is today.
Designed, built and tested to the ISO 18752 specification, GlobalCore reduces engineering and service complexity by providing the first comprehensive product family across the most commonly used constant working pressure classes. The hoses deliver high performance in rugged environments and high-impulse applications, offering unmatched reliability to improve productivity and profitability.
GlobalCore is delivering unprecedented value in the marketplace by allowing OEMs to specify a single family of hydraulic hoses for machinery operated anywhere in the world. It also enables them to further simplify their inventory challenges by doing so with only five hoses and two fittings – unique benefits that OEMs and end users around the globe are finding can give them a revolutionary advantage over the competition.
The GlobalCore line was developed and ultimately launched through a multi-year collaboration among three of Parker’s global Fluid Connectors Group manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Italy and Korea, as well as ongoing input from Parker technical experts from India, Mexico and China.

Parker Tracking System (PTS) Labels Significantly Reduce Equipment Downtime

From bulldozers and wheel loaders to massive offshore oil rigs, Parker Tracking System (PTS) labels can be found on the components of industrial equipment around the world. A simple but powerful idea, PTS labels use bar codes and RFID tags to significantly improve the process of servicing equipment.
PTS is a tagging and tracking solution to store, access and monitor critical asset information. Real-time access to this data enables a process known as reliability-centered maintenance by scanning for key metrics that could indicate a potential future issue and enabling technicians to perform maintenance on a piece of equipment before it fails.
There are approximately 15 million PTS tags worldwide, which have reduced equipment downtime by more than 30,000 hours.
Systems do not break down on a fixed or predetermined schedule, but with PTS, operators can not only avoid costly downtime but protect the environment by significantly extending the life of their equipment.

SMART Service Tools Utilize Wireless Sensors Enable Increased Energy Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning/refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems not only reduces operating costs, but can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to maintain ideal air quality and temperature levels. Doing so, however, requires detailed and accurate data to enable technicians to identify opportunities for improvement.
Parker Sporlan’s SMART Service Tools replace traditional manifold gauges, utilizing wireless sensors to capture pressure and temperature data and transmit it to a mobile device, where it is automatically processed by an app which performs key calculations.
The data is easy to read, calculate and store, allowing technicians to diagnose issues faster, look at trends over time and provide proof of work when needed.
SMART Service Tools even function remotely, so a technician can be in a different area of a building making adjustments while still measuring pressures and temperatures on the unit itself. Those remote capabilities can save time and extra effort, especially in residential applications.
This technology eliminates the need to carry extensive diagnostic equipment onsite and risk losing refrigerant by disconnecting hoses.
Whether a residential, commercial or industrial facility, the robust data captured by performing HVAC/R system diagnoses using the SMART Service Tools enable technicians to quickly and easily increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


Fleetguard Technologies - Future Technologies

If we consider the historical process as a continuous movement from one stage of development to another, more highly organized, then a vivid illustration of it (naturally, in terms of the development of technology) can be the history of the development of Fleetguard, Inc. Suffice it to say that since the company was founded, and it happened in 1958 in the US state of Indiana (two full-time employees produced filters for Cummins engines, the company’s only client at the time), Fleetguard has become one of the world’s leading design and manufacture of air intake systems for heavy equipment, filtration systems and exhaust treatment.
Currently, Fleetguard has more than six thousand employees, and the company has an extensive client base. Today’s Fleetguard is 23 production facilities in nine countries.
15 distribution centers, three joint ventures and more than 23 thousand distributors located on all continents of the planet. Among the regular customers of the company are such grants of European and world industry as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, DAF, Ford, Hitachi and many others.
Fleetguard is not only its own brand, no longer needing recommendations, but also the products and services of such world famous brands as Nelson, Kuss Filtration, Separation Technologies, Emission Solution, Universal Silencer. Structurally, Fleetguard is one of the strategic business areas of Cummins Diesel – a recognized “global” leader in the production of diesel engines. In turn, Fleetguard, Inc. unites three branches that effectively complement each other in the field of filtration systems: Kuss Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of automotive in-tank fuel filters, Universal Silencer, a manufacturer of large filtration systems for industrial applications, Separation Technologies, specializing in industrial hydraulic filtration.
Today’s Fleetguard products include air, fuel and hydraulic filters, cooling systems filters, a full range of products for use in extreme climatic conditions, all kinds of related tools and accessories. In general, the company’s product range includes over five thousand items of high-quality products.
Here are just a few examples of the advanced technological developments of the company, which allow Fleetguard to confidently take a leading position in the global market of filtration systems, even in the face of fierce competition:
● the concept of spin-on filters reduces engine downtime and reduces oil loss;
● bypass filter technology increases service intervals and, as a result, engine life;
● Fleetguard was the first to start using chemical reagents in filters of cooling systems that provide better engine protection and simplify its operation;
● Through the use of water separation systems, productivity is significantly improved and the best protection of the components of fuel systems is ensured.
Thanks to the widespread use of these innovations, Fleetguard has managed to literally transform the entire industry of fuel systems for heavy equipment, and also raise the customer service system to a new level.
Another achievement that the company can rightly be proud of was the creation of a new multi-layer filtering material – Stratapore, which provides high filtration efficiency and extends the life of the engine. Stratapore consists of five layers (one layer of cellulose, three – polyester and an additional protective layer).
The test results showed that Stratapore detains contaminants at least twice as effective as traditional filter media. Today this material is widely used for the production of oil and fuel filters.
But that’s not all. The company’s specialists have developed unparalleled combined full-flow / bypass oil filters using a unique Ventury technology, thanks to which it became possible to keep the engine clean and extend its life. EcoClean filters that can be reused after cleaning reduce disposal problems. Centrifugal separators, which use the patented Fleetguard technology Cone StaC, provide a fundamentally new degree of filtration efficiency and resource intensity.
One of the fundamental principles that Fleetguard, Inc. is guided in its activities was, is and will be an individual approach to each client. In this regard, a very illustrative example is when, guided by a sense of responsibility towards the customer, the company offers a so-called “first installation” of its products on the customer’s equipment.
In this case, the whole process takes place directly on the assembly line of the manufacturer. This eliminates the installation of substandard equipment, and simply speaking, “left” components. The economic effect of such an operation is obvious.
No wonder such manufacturers as Cummins, Komatsu, DAF, Scania, MAN – and this is not a complete list of companies (there are about 140 of them). prefer exactly this form of mutually beneficial cooperation with Fleetguard, Inc. Fleetguard products find their customers in almost all segments of the market where a person “communicates” with equipment. A list of industries where Fleetguard filters are applied could be a topic for a particular material. Automotive and mining, road building and electric power, agricultural engineering and shipping … the list goes on. And everywhere the client can find what he needs, namely his equipment, his technique. How is this achieved? First of all, the fact that the Fleetguard company, annually investing considerable financial resources in research and development, strives to ensure that the company’s products not only meet the most stringent international standards, but surpass them in individual indicators. Moreover, in this process, the company’s clients also take an active part, whose needs and requirements, ultimately, must be met by Fleetguard products. Currently, the company has been certified in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001/9002 and QS-9000, and the international distribution system Fleetguard, Inc. ISO 9000 certified. All this is the result of a fruitful interaction between the manufacturer and the customer, which allows the company to constantly improve product quality, bringing it to perfection.

Reliable partner of the wind industry

Being one of the key suppliers of the wind energy industry, Liebherr offers optimal solutions for a wide range of industry-specific tasks. These include components that are used in the tilt adjustment systems of the rotor blades and the rotation systems of the nacelle wind power plants. For the installation of wind turbines, Liebherr supplies mobile and crawler cranes, as well as off-shore cranes with increased payload. The range of lifting equipment will be complemented by tower cranes, designed for especially tall structures.
At the same time, Liebherr concrete mixing plants supply raw materials for the manufacture of precast concrete elements used in towers of wind power plants. In the automation segment, Liebherr developed a portal machining center designed to process rotary blades. The slewing rings used in the tilt adjustment systems of the rotor blades and the nacelle rotation devices of wind power plants are manufactured using high-precision Liebherr gear machines.
Refrigeration and freezing equipment
For many decades, Liebherr refrigerators and freezers have embodied quality performance, high reliability and durability. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and noble materials, our devices are distinguished by unrivaled energy efficiency and high usability. This applies to both our household appliances and professional solutions for use in commerce, bakeries, restaurant and hotel business, as well as in laboratories and medical institutions.
Household refrigerating and freezing equipment
Our refrigerators, freezers and combination units designed for home use are distinguished by a balanced combination of modern design, technical performance and ease of use. The program of our home refrigeration and freezing equipment includes, among other things, recessed and freestanding refrigerators, freezers and spacious side-by-side combinations, as well as climate and multi-temperature wine cabinets. Household refrigerating and freezing equipment
Professional refrigeration and freezing equipment
Liebherr offers a diverse program of specialized refrigerators and freezers designed for commercial use. Devices intended for professional use must ensure reliable and correct operation even under the highest loads. In such conditions, the traditionally high quality of Liebherr instruments is of particular importance. Combining high cooling capacity with high-quality design and optimum equipment, Liebherr refrigeration and freezing equipment fully complies with the most stringent requirements of professionals
Construction machinery
The production program of Liebherr construction equipment is very diverse. Along with tower cranes and mobile construction cranes, it covers such types of earthmovers as hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, wheeled and crawler loaders. In the segment of foundation engineering equipment, we offer universal cable-hydraulic excavators, as well as drilling and pile-driving installations. In the segment of concrete mixing equipment, we offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions for efficient production and optimal transportation of high-quality concrete.
Earthmoving machinery
The Liebherr earthmoving equipment range covers a wide range of tracked, wheeled and cable excavators, wheel loaders with tracked wheels, as well as dump trucks and dozers.
Foundation engineering
In the construction of deep foundations, only facts are important. Therefore, foundation engineering should be distinguished by uncompromising profitability and reliability. All over the world, Liebherr foundation machines have proven themselves to be high-performance and, at the same time, economical in operation solutions.
Tower cranes
The Liebherr tower crane program allows you to choose effective solutions for any lifting tasks arising on construction sites and beyond. All over the world, our universal fast-mounted cranes and high-performance top-slewing cranes are successfully used both in residential construction and in large-scale construction projects.
Concrete Mixing Equipment
The Liebherr portfolio covers a wide variety of concrete mixing plants, concrete mixers and concrete pumps. Thus, we can always offer optimal solutions for cost-effective production and fast transportation of high-quality concrete.
Mining machinery
Working conditions in the mining industry are among the most complex in the world. Despite this, Liebherr is one of the most reliable partners in the industry. Based on 50 years of experience in the design, production and maintenance of mining equipment, we develop professional solutions in close cooperation with our customers. At the same time, we take into account the individual requirements of each customer and strive to ensure maximum efficiency of our machines. Traditionally, Liebherr solutions are characterized by high quality, reliability and innovation, guaranteeing maximum safety and efficiency of mining operations even in extreme conditions.
Mining excavators
Liebherr mining excavators are characterized by high performance, convenient operation, a high level of driver comfort and efficient maintenance organization. All our mining excavators, starting with the “junior” model R 9100 and up to the flagship R 9800, were designed in such a way as to ensure minimal operating costs per ton of material.
Land transports
Liebherr land carriers are among the most powerful machines in the world, providing a payload in classes up to 360 tons. Reliable diesel-hydraulic transmission of our dump trucks ensures the highest possible efficiency and efficiency of transportation of materials.
Liebherr has specialized in the production of tracked bulldozers for over 40 years. These machines are based on powerful hydrostatic transmission and convenient control system of proportional action joysticks. Thanks to this, our bulldozers are notable for their unsurpassed maneuverability, economical fuel consumption and high performance.
Service maintenance
We maintain continuous contact with each owner of Liebherr equipment and provide highly qualified technical support that takes into account the specific features and requirements of the quarries. Liebherr’s global network of branches and service centers ensures the most efficient customer support anywhere in the world, ensuring high technical readiness and maximum equipment performance.

Mobile cranes

Versatility and cost effectiveness
The all-terrain chassis of the LTM cranes guarantees mobility on dirt roads as well. Liebherr LTC compact cranes are distinguished by their exceptionally compact design type. With a commercial truck chassis and a payload of up to 60 tons, LTF construction cranes are an excellent economical alternative. The new LRT cranes are distinguished by high throughput. Heavy loads, maximum working heights and overhangs – our lattice boom LG cranes easily handle this.
Marine Cranes
Liebherr offers a wide range of modern cranes for efficient cargo handling in the maritime industry.
Port Equipment
The many-sided palette of products includes optimal solutions for the smooth handling of cargo in both sea and river ports. Mobile, rail and stationary cranes and stackers provide efficient transportation of goods in accordance with the latest technology.
Offshore cranes
The line of offshore cranes includes a wide range of cranes with a cable mechanism for changing the boom or a mechanism for changing the boom with a hydraulic cylinder. These cranes are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and are designed to meet individual customer requirements.
Ship cranes
The line of ship cranes includes practical solutions for transshipment of cargo on various types of vessels, as well as individual solutions for barges and transshipment vessels.
Floating transfer solutions
Thanks to a wide range of pontoon and barge cranes designed for use on transshipment vessels and barges, Liebherr can offer each client an individual solution for the efficient handling of any type of cargo.
Service & support
First-class service is the key to reliable operation of the crane throughout its service life. Liebherr provides customers with thoughtful service solutions, with particular emphasis on high profitability and equipment performance.
Systems for the aerospace industry and rail transport
The Liebherr Group has many years of experience in the development and production of systems for the aerospace industry and rail transport. In addition to high-precision components, Liebherr develops individual system solutions.
Aerospace Engineering
Liebherr, in close cooperation with aircraft and engine manufacturers, manufactures flight control and air conditioning systems, as well as landing gear for a wide range of aircraft and engine programs. In addition, Liebherr offers comprehensive services based on its global OEM repair and service network.
Systems for rail transport
In the field of passenger transport by rail, Liebherr develops and manufactures air conditioning systems, as well as drives and power systems for all types of cars. In addition to sales offices and service stations of Liebherr-Transportation Systems GmbH, customers can use other sites of the Liebherr group of companies in various parts of the world.


Komatsu Ltd. – Japanese engineering company, founded in 1921 by Meitaro Takeyuchi. Currently, Komatsu is the world leader in construction and mining equipment.
In 1921, Komatsu founded as a small construction workshop for the repair of machinery in the city of Komatsu on the west coast of Japan by the entrepreneur Mitaro Takeyuchi (Meitaro Takeuchi). This was preceded by the organization in 1917 of Komatsu Iron works Division for the production of coal and mining equipment. To this end, engineers, focusing on the international level, were trained in Europe and the United States. The founding date of the company is 13 May 1921, when Komatsu Iron Works separated from Takeuchi Mining Co., and became Komatsu Ltd.
The main activity that brought recognition to the Komatsu brand is the manufacture of construction equipment, machinery for the mining industry, industrial equipment and electronics. In addition, construction, real estate and cargo transportation are in the area of ​​interest of the company. Today, the Komatsu Group includes 182 companies focused on the production of high-quality components and equipment for mining enterprises, construction organizations and logistics centers.
As consumers around the world become increasingly diversified, Komatsu is building its strategy on global markets, taking into account many factors, developing a global structure operating under the unified leadership of the Komatsu Group companies.
Komatsu management relies on five principles in its work:
Adhere to safety, not harm the environment, innovative products and services offered.
Use the latest technological and managerial methods.
Think and act on a global scale, strive to strengthen its position in the global market
Be attentive to the needs of small buyers, as well as large
Provide opportunities for employees to develop initiatives
In December 2018, Komatsu starts selling a hydraulic excavator weighing up to 13 tons in the CIS.
The model of the new 8th generation is equipped with a high-tech engine with a net power of 68.4 kW (93.0 hp), which ensures efficient fuel consumption and meets the environmental requirements of U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3A.
The relatively small weight of the machine facilitates transportation on public roads, and its compact dimensions make it possible to effectively use the excavator in cramped conditions, which is important for utilities, rental companies, and cottage construction.
The cab with rollover protection (ROPS), improved sound insulation and ergonomics ensures safe and comfortable work of the operator. An additional increase in the efficiency of the machine is supported by the functions of a color LCD monitor, a system for monitoring the condition of the equipment and remote monitoring technology KOMTRAX.
A well-designed arrangement of structural elements and additional adaptation of the machine to working conditions in the CIS countries, including additional fuel filtration, increased battery and generator capacity, high-strength working equipment, electricians and hydraulics components with reliable sealed connections will allow owners to increase service life and reduce the total cost of ownership .
Komatsu PC130-8 is produced at the Komatsu factory in Japan with traditional attention to ensuring the highest quality standards.


The production of Komatsu equipment is based on many years of work on improving the quality of equipment, the high service life of units and components when operating machines in various climatic conditions from + 50 ° C to -50 ° C. The policy and work of the company is to maintain the unsurpassed quality of the new manufactured equipment, as well as to provide highly qualified technical support for the machines during its entire life cycle.
To provide warranty and technical support for equipment, Komatsu CIS LLC has a wide distribution network in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Highly qualified service distributors have experience in supporting Komatsu equipment for more than 15 years and are equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform all types of repair work, both in repair areas and on-site equipment.
Komatsu has unique systems for remote control of the technical condition of equipment, the use of which helps to respond effectively to the occurrence of technical faults, plan repair effects and minimize unplanned downtime.
Highly qualified distributor service personnel who have undergone multi-stage training at Komatsu training centers are ready to perform any work on the diagnosis and repair of the entire officially supplied model range of Komatsu equipment.
For customer support, various programs provided by distributors have been developed and are available, such as an extended warranty on equipment and spare parts, full support programs and technical control of on-site equipment and others. If there is interest, please contact the official distributors of Komatsu CIS LLC.


The condition for the successful operation of the equipment is the use of high-quality branded parts. Komatsu genuine parts are always:
High quality provided by the use of the same high standards of control materials and processes that are used in the manufacture of equipment Komatsu.
The minimum delivery time guaranteed by the developed distribution network and the availability of a large range of spare parts in warehouses:
5 warehouses Komatsu CIS Ltd. in the Russian Federation and more than 40 regional distributor warehouses
Stocks include more than 30,000 parts of spare parts in the amount of 9 billion rubles.
The target level of maintaining the availability of spare parts in warehouses is at least 90%.
High quality and minimum delivery time of spare parts guarantee uninterrupted and efficient operation of your equipment for many years.


In 2005 we were established under the roof of AFD Filtration under the name of Atom Filter. We produce and market all filters that can be used in internal combustion engines.
Demand, criticism and satisfaction of our customers who meet our products will be our guide on the way to good and quality.
* As a company open to innovations, we renew ourselves every day, meet the demands and timely fulfillment of customer demands, ensure absolute customer satisfaction.
* To serve our esteemed customers in accordance with European standards with our well-trained friendly staff.
* Our valued customers’ satisfaction will be our greatest pride and success.
* To be a rapidly developing leader company by offering the products and institutions needed in the filter sector.
Company WE ARE!
In 2005 we were established under the roof of AFD Filtration under the name of Atom Filter. We produce and market all filters that can be used in internal combustion engines.
Demand, criticism and satisfaction of our customers who meet our products will be our guide on the way to good and quality.
* As a company open to innovations, we renew ourselves every day, meet the demands and timely fulfillment of customer demands, ensure absolute customer satisfaction.
* To serve our esteemed customers in accordance with European standards with our well-trained friendly staff.
* Our valued customers’ satisfaction will be our greatest pride and success.
* To be a rapidly developing leader company by offering the products that people and institutions need in the filter sector.

Air Filters

Consumers of the non-renewable resources in the industry and the emissions of gases used in the sector cause air pollution, climate changes and soil pollution. Physical and chemical contaminants that pollute the air.
Air Filters are composed of cellulose based fibers. It is divided into categories such as Automotive Air, Automotive Panel Air, Cabin Air, Heavy Duty Air.
In parallel with modern and high-speed equipment, air filters, which are especially developed in transportation, have become a necessary part of the automotive sector.
The purpose of the Air Filters is to protect the motor from the particles in the air during the air flow. The air filter design of the motors is based on the maximum air consumption. The average air flow rate in the determination of the engine; total cylinder volume, engine speed and volumetric efficiency should be known.
We can list the important features of the filter as follows; good air intake system, high reliability, high efficiency, simple service, the ability to absorb the noise of the entrance, prevent the danger of fire due to kickback, should provide clean air and in doing so should show as little resistance as possible.

Fuel Filters

For reasons of transport or storage, or for other reasons, fuels contain particulates, water and various blended chemicals that are not suitable for the viscosity. These mixtures cause serious wear on the fuel systems and injectors on the engine. Unexpected breakdowns occur.
A high quality FUEL FILTER should be used to ensure that clean and healthy fuel is delivered to the combustion chamber by filtering these unwanted mixtures. The fuel filter also provides high performance and fuel savings, extending the life of the engine.
Airports yakıtfiltreelem
Variable filters. They are placed inside the housing on the motor.
The spin-onyakıtfiltre
Unlike element type, it is complete filtering system and it is on housing i. Spin-on fuel filters are available in various forms. They are connected to the engine block via a gear system.
the ekolojikyakıtfiltre
Made from environmentally friendly recyclable materials. Thermal waste does not leave any waste. It operates on the same principle as the fuel filter elements in terms of installation and service.
the yakıthattıfiltre
Such filters are directly connected to the fuel system itself to filter. Plastic and metal are produced in two different ways.

Hydraulic Filters

It was determined as a result of the statistics about 75% of the faults in hydraulic systems caused by oil pollution.
The costs of failures, work losses, component changes and oil change costs can be very high.
Filter material used for cleaning oils, filtration quality, filter life, filter types, filtration methods and selection criteria are important.
In the hydraulic and pneumatic systems, the particles in the oil are divided into 2 groups as particles smaller than 5 microns and larger than 5 microns. Parts smaller than 5 microns cause hydraulic system components in the long term and those larger than 5 microns cause sudden damage.
As ATOM Filter, we use the most suitable material and production method for our filters.

Separator Filters

According to the energy systems that are active in industrial areas, ida Screw Type ”compressors have become useful and economical in recent years.
Oil in screw type compressors; injected into the system together with air. The required clean air is separated into the separator and is ready for use efficiently. The oil is again sucked back into the system.
In the separators, the air flow direction is classified as externally and internally.
In order to obtain the required efficiency from compressors; The quality of the oil, the oil filter and the air filter must be cleaned periodically. Thus, the desired energy will be taken from the separator and thus from the compressor.
As Atom Filtre, we provide Air / Oil Seperators with the necessary care and high quality standards by using raw materials produced by domestic and foreign companies.

Air Dryer Filters

• Air produced in compressors should be dry, oil-free and clean. This can be accomplished through dryers.
• The AFD filter offers this type of desiccant elements with the most appropriate material and offers it to the consumer.
• The P Series elements filter particles and particles up to 5 microns and serve as pre-filtration.
• X Series elements filter the particles up to 1 micron.
• Y Series retains the highest level of 0.01 micron particles.
• A Series of carbon granules such as fragrance, oil and smoke particles of this type of elements made up to 0.003 ppm in the delicate structure dryers are used in the health and food industry

Dust Collector Filters

It is used as dust and paint holder in ventilation systems and industrial applications. The fiber density of the high quality glass fiber filter material placed inside the cardboard frame increases from the air inlet direction to the direction of the air outlet.
Usage areas
It is designed as a single use pre-filter.
It is used in air compressors.
It is used as a primary filter before fine filters in ventilation units.
Durable and robust construction.
Thanks to the increasingly dense fiber structure, it offers high dust holding capacity and long filtration life.
Made of moisture resistant cardboard frame.
Can be produced in standard and non-standard sizes.
Galvanized and aluminum framed models are available.