Suprotec is a Russian research and production innovation company, has been operating in the auto chemical market since 2002. The main production facilities and a research center are located in St. Petersburg. The main task of the company “Suprotec” is the development, production and wide distribution of auto chemical products with characteristics at the level of the best world brands. Suprotec does this thanks to a well-equipped Research Center (R & D Center), modern production lines conforming to the ISO 9001 quality standard, and a wide sales network. The company offers exceptionally high-quality auto chemical products at competitive prices, both in Russia and abroad. In the global market, it is sold under the brand name “Atomium”, multiplying the number of regular customers in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia.

Brake systems



Fuel systems


Power steering

Shruss and bearings

Transmissions, gearboxes and reducers