Testers & Battery Analysers

Testers & Battery Analysers


Yuasa's range of automotive and motorcycle battery analysers ensure the most up-to-date and accurate test results. A custom made solution that enables potential cost savings and increased revenues. Test more batteries and sell more batteries.

Configuration Tool

New technology micro hybrid vehicles equipped with emission control systems may require replacement battery configuration. Battery configuration can be carried out using the new Yuasa Yu-Fit battery configuration tool. Combining the Yuasa Yu-Fit and the powerful Yuasa online fitting system, gives installers the complete battery replacement solution for modern start-stop & micro hybrid vehicles.

Yuasa YSP-117 conductance tester

Hioki 3554 impedance tester

Yu-Power YPCBM2 Wireless Battery Temperature Logger

Yu-Power YPCBL2 Battery Temperature Logger USB Wireless Receiver

GS Yuasa GYT050 Starter Battery Health Tester

Yuasa MDX Tester Printer Roll

Yuasa MDX117 Bike Tester

Yuasa YU-FIT Battery Configuration Tool

Yuasa MDX617 Tester (without printer)

Yuasa MDX617P Tester (with printer)

Yuasa MDX627P Tester (with printer)