Yuasa Smart Chargers & Accessories

Yuasa Smart Chargers & Accessories


  • Intelligent (SMART) charging
  • Reverse connection protection
  • Spark proof connection
  • Safe on-vehicle charging
  • Suitable for new technology batteries*
  • Up to 8 charging phases

*AGM and EFB

Yu-Power Chargers

Yu-Power intelligent battery chargers from Yuasa for accurate testing and charging of valve regulated lead acid batteries ensuring all batteries are appropriately charged for optimum performance.

Yu-Power intelligent chargers utilise multi stage proportional timing technology to ensure safe and efficient charging of lead acid batteries.

Yu-Power Chargers Accessories

View our Yu-Power charger accessories below

YCXCONM6 Comfort Connector Lead - 0.4m Cable with M6 Eyelet

YCXLEDM6 LED Charge Indicator - 0.55m Cable with M6 Eyelet

YCX08A12 (E) YCX0.8 12V 0.8A Yuasa 6-Stage Smart Charger (UK or Euro Plug)

YCX08A6 (E) YCX0.8 6V 0.8A Yuasa 4-Stage Smart Charger (UK or Euro Plug)

YCX5A12 (E) YCX5.0 12V 5A Yuasa 8-Stage Smart Charger (UK or Euro Plug)

YPC09A12MC Yu-Power 900mA 12V Motorbike battery charger, UK Plug

YPC2A6 Yu-Power 2A 6V Charger - UK/Euro Plug __c / w YPCCLIPMC

YPC2A12 Yu-Power 2A 12V Charger - UK / Euro Plug c/w YPCCLIPMC

YPC4A12 Yu-Power 4A 12V Charger - UK/Euro Plug c/w YPCCLIP

YPC4A24 Yu-Power 4A 24V Charger - UK/Euro plug c/w YPCCLIP

YPC8A12 Yu-Power 8A 12V charger - UK/Euro Plug c/w YPCCLIP

YPCCLIP Yu-Power 24" Cordset (Torberry to clips)

YPCCLIPMC Yu-Power 24" Cordset (std trailer to clips)

YPCRINGMC Yu-Power 24" Fused Ring Cordset (std trailer to rings)

YPCPK Yu-Power 24" Cordset (Powakaddy to Torberry)

YPCTESTMC Yu-Power LED Battery Tester (trailer plug c/w YPCRINGMC)

YPCMOB Yu-Power 6" Cordset (male mobility plug to Torberry)