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The “Fleetstock” Group of Companies has been officially operating since 1999. Over the years, our company has been providing you with services in various fields. Our services include the sale of compressed Air Compressors, dryers, vacuum pumps, mobile compressors, industrial filters, mineral and chemical additives, LPG and CNG Gas Equipments, high-pressure receivers, cylinders, tanks, various oil, fuel, air, hydraulics, separators, antifreeze filters, various industrial  lubricating oils, antifreezes, construction equipment, electromagnetic devices, Nitrogen/Oxygen/Hydrogen Generators, Laboratory Gas Generators, Gas Compressors, belts, automotive and industrial batteries, ready-made engines, generators, pneumatic control systems, any underground and above-ground electrical wires, various measuring devices for finding malfunctions of power motors and plants, high-pressure water pumps up to 6000 bar, packing conveyors and with all these we offer you the maintenance, installation and warranty of all the equipments sold.

Special offers:

“Fleetstock” LLC presents you ECOSS project focused on engineering, consulting, optimization, solutions and service.

1.    Conducting technical audit in various areas of industry;
2.    Offering managable minimized manufacturing expenses;
3.    Detection compressed air leaks;
4.    Analysing of equipment failure causes;
5.    Providing with the service of air compressors and other equipments;
6.    Generation of  Control Mechanism of Compressed Air Quality
7.     Air supply of the required standarts;
8.    Generation and documentation of the HACCP system from start to finish;
9.    Setting up a filtration system from 100 µm to 0.01 µm;
10.    Establishing food safety policy in food industry entities;
11.    Maintenance of Nitrogen/Oxygen Generators;
12.    Determination of "CCP" Critical Risk Points;
13.    Special filtration and documentation of aviation fuel;
14.    Documentation of air, fuel, oil and hydraulic systems;
15.    İnspection of various equipments` power motors;
16.    Provision of various electrical and industrial   measuring devices;
17.    Offering industrial batteries with uninterruptible power supplies;
18.    Supply and service of ready-made engines and generators;
19.    Supply of various industrial lubricants;
20.    Safe blowing of fiber optic cables to any height and distance;
21.    Provision of projects and equipments for waste water treatment;
22.    Sale and maintenance of high pressure water pumps up to 6000 bar;
23.    Generation  of İndustry İntellectual Management System;
24.    Maintenance and service of power units in industrial entities;
25.    Automation and robotization of industrial entities;
26.    İnstallation of liquid gas and methane gas equipments;
27.    Risk analysis in industrial facilities;
28.    Organizing all types of risk insurances.
We are the brand ambassador of: Kaeser Compressoren, Parker, Domnick Hunter, Racor, Twin Filter, Velcon, Peco, Baldwin, Kubota, Megger, Hammelmann, CS Instruments, Fremco, Rafinol, Mann Filter, Yuasa, Hifi Filter, Filtrec, Sampiyon Filtre, Vikars and other various brands.
Our Services are scheduled on a rolling basis and consist of free and paid parts, excluding various price promotions from time to time. As a final point we would like to point out that the technical audit of the production entity will result in incredible financial savings. Be aware of our special offers on time. “Fleetstock” LLC has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Systems certifications in all areas, and all work is carried out in accordance with ISO standards. We are welcome for all types of partnerships.

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