Dear Clients!

         The «Fleetstock» group of companies began its activities in 1999, and we are at your service in different areas: compressed air compressors, industrial fiters, vacuum pumps, mobile compressors, industrial filters, mineral and chemical additives, gas equipment for LPG and CNG, high pressure receivers, cylinders, capacities, oil, fuel, air, hydraulic, separator, antifreeze filters, different lubricating oils for automobile and industrial transport, antifreezes, construction technology, electromagnetic devices, nitrogen generators, laboratory gas generators, gas compressors, belts, batteries for automobile transport and industry, manufactured engines, generators, pneumatic control systems, electric engines for any underground and above-ground electric wires and station measuring devices for   troubleshoot stations, at the same time service, mounting, guarantee for all equipment sold and other services are provided.

         Our special offers: study of actual problems and preparation of proposals for solving current problems in order to improve the production process in plants, factories, workshops and generally in any production field. As a result of our visit, calculations will be made of the internal and external influences of all equipment, installations, filters, pipelines associated with compressed air, and all sorts of problems will be noted and presented in the form of a report. As a result, your expenses will be reduced many times. Thus: with proper use and selection, repair costs of your equipment and energy costs will be minimized.

         Our brands: Kaeser Kompressoren, Kubota, Parker Hannifin, Yuasa, Parker Domnic Hunter, Megger, Liebherr, Vikars, Baldwin Filters, Parker Racor, Mann Filter, Fleetguard, MetanGas, Saka, Kavosh, Oksello, Şampiyon Filter, Fil Filter, Woodson Filter, Sakura Filter, Dayco, Filtrec, Hifi Filter, Suprotec, Atom Filter, Wittig, Komatsu, Herba Fleetstock. 

         We are the doctors of your work! You can trust us!         We prefer to earn, letting you earn!

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