1. conducting technical audit in various directions of the industry;
  2. controllable minimization of production costs;
  3. detection of compressed air leaks;
  4. analysis of the causes of equipment failure;
  5. servicing of air compressors and other equipment;
  6. establishment of a compressed air quality control mechanism;
  7. providing air according to the required standard;
  8. Establishing and protocolizing the HACCP system from beginning to end;
  9. Construction of a filtration system from 100 microns to 0.01 microns;
  10. establishment of food safety in food production facilities;
  11. service of nitrogen and oxygen generators;
  12. Determination of "CCP" critical risk points;
  13. special filtration and reporting of aviation fuel;
  14. logging of air, fuel, oil and hydraulic systems;
  15. inspection of electric motors of various equipment;
  16. provision of various electrical and industrial measuring devices;
  17. industrial batteries with uninterruptible power sources;
  18. provision and servicing of ready-made engines and generators;
  19. provision of various industrial lubricants;
  20. safe blowing of optical cables to any height and distance;
  21. projects and equipment for waste water treatment;
  22. Sale and servicing of high-pressure water pumps up to 6000 bar;
  23. establishment of intellectual management mechanism in industry;
  24. repair and servicing of electronic parts in industrial entities;
  25. automation and robotization of industrial entities;
  26. installation of liquid gas and methane gas equipment;
  27. analysis of risks in industrial facilities;
  28. organization of insurance of all types of risks.